A living room is just that, a place to simply live and enjoy the space around you. Creating a cozy yet trendy gathering for your loved ones to share with you is easier than you think. Below you will find several, simple changes that will make a big impact on the way you view your living room.

  • Change out your coffee table – A simple way to create a new look without going over budget is to change out your old coffee table. You can purchase a sleeker coffee table if you’re looking to create more space or go for an ottoman that can act as a coffee table and storage unit at the same time. Maybe you want to get a coffee table set that includes a few small pieces giving you more freedom when arranging them in your space. The options are endless!
  • Bring in some color – If you want to change up color schemes, you can do so by bringing in a new rug. A stylish rug with new colors will change the look of the room. You can trade out the traditional rug for one with more texture or opt for a different shape than your current one. In addition to new flooring, swap out your old accent pillows for new ones. These small changes will give your living room a fresh new feel.
  • Go bold – Don’t let a little pop of color scare you! You can bring in a few statement pieces with bold design and color to give you a totally new look. You can do so with a piece of art, textured pillows, or something as simple as buying a new blanket to drape over furniture. Don’t be afraid to incorporate your personality into your new space. Get creative and try new strategic ways to hang mirrors in new locations or play around with how you organize the art on your walls. Let your creativity free!
  • New light fixtures – You can swap out your overhead light fixture for a brand new one. They’re easy to install and can be found at home good stores for great prices. Additionally, you can add floating light fixtures or wall sconces that do not take up your floor space. This also can create an entirely new ambiance giving you a warmer, more relaxing feel. Consider wall sconces that do not require an electrical outlet so you have more options.