When we hear the term ‘remodel,’ we typically think of the inside of the house. What are some of the advantages of remodeling the exterior of a house?

Property Value

The aesthetic and functional improvements of an exterior remodel will add monetary value to your investment. This type of remodeling has an additional advantage of creating a first impression on appraisers and realtors.

Enhance Your Landscape

Combining the elements of your home’s exterior design and landscape presents a variety of creative possibilities. You can choose colors and design elements for your exterior remodel that match and complement your home’s landscaping. Perhaps the exterior remodeling will be the perfect backdrop for window planter boxes. Maybe your outdoor remodel design plan lends itself to a lovely climbing ivy that will grow beautifully up the exterior of your home. Your remodel could include a golden-yellow trim that will complement a tree or bush with violet flowers.

Structural Integrity

Maintaining and reinforcing the structural integrity of your home is a major part of ensuring that your investment appreciates in value. Discuss this topic with your contractor, so that together you can choose a functional exterior plan that also has an appealing aesthetic. If your house is older, it is entirely possible that reinforcements to the home’s structure will be necessary. It is also possible to maintain and restore historic integrity with an appropriate exterior remodel.

Exterior Style Enhancement

Even a simple veneer or ornamental feature will add interest to the overall architecture and create a positive first impression for visitors, realtors, and appraisers. Perhaps your home is newer and you have romantic notions of classic elegant antebellum architecture, but could not afford this at the time of purchase. An exterior remodel can include ornamental elements reminiscent of the old south or other antiquity. Maybe there is a veneer that appeals to you, from another region, easily adapted to the exterior of your home. Even a simple veneer, of any style, can add significant aesthetic quality.

If you are considering an exterior remodel for your home or property investment, feel free to contact us.