Your home is likely your greatest physical asset and the most valuable purchase you’ll ever make in your lifetime. So it’s natural to not only want to protect its value, but also find ways to increase its value.

While you might dream up ways to update your home cosmetically to make it “look” more expensive, there are two specific and proven ways to increase the value of your home so that you can enjoy the added equity in your pocket or sell it for a higher price.

Here are the absolute best and most surefire methods for increasing the value of your home:

1. Add functional square footage

One method of increasing the value of your home which is flexible enough to apply to the vast majority of homes is adding functional square footage. Whether it’s by adding a deck off your back entrance, turning an empty basement into a rec room, or refinishing that open attic space and turning it into an office or spare bedroom, adding this additional livable space in your home translates into more value in your whole home for both potential buyers and real estate agents.

2. Bathroom or kitchen upgrade

Anyone with any level of familiarity with real estate knows that the two types of rooms in a house that make the biggest difference in sales are the bathrooms and the kitchen. Impress your guests, fellow homeowners and potential home buyers by finally updating your outdated kitchen, or making those few small, but substantial changes to your old bathroom. It’s one thing that guarantees a boost in your home’s value.

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