Turnkey is a process builders use to make the remodeling or building phase easier on the customer. The builder can simply hand the keys over to the customer, leaving them with nothing else to finish because the project is complete. The customer gives all the responsibility to the designer or builder to complete the renovations or construction without any input after the project has begun. The idea is to create a more simplistic way to finish homes in hopes of finishing them on time or sooner than the projected deadline.

turnkey house

To streamline the process and make sure you, as a buyer, are getting what you want, see the tips below for executing turnkey renovation effectively.

  • Know Your Vision: Make sure you have a clear vision of what you want. Construct a concise, detailed plan that you will be able to relay to your builder. If you leave any decisions up in the air, your builder may not be able to capture your true vision.
  • Meet with builders: Set up meetings with different builders to choose the one who fits your requirements and has the same vision as you or, at least, understands your vision. They will help you analyze your plan and give you the proper feedback on how to accomplish your goals. You will also be able to compare cost estimates by meeting with different builders as well.
  • Have a builder inspect your home: After you’ve settled on the terms, you can have your builder inspect your home. They will be able to supply you with a detailed outline of the plan. If there are no changes to make, you can implement the proposal.
  • Setting your budget: It’s important to review the plan and make sure it fits your budget. Always keep in mind that plans may have to change, so be prepared for any additional expenses that could surface.
  • Choosing your materials: The builder will ask you what type of materials you prefer from countertops to appliances, even down to the type of plumbing materials you’ll need for your renovations. The breakdown can be found in your final construction contract.
  • Pre-construction: A project manager will discuss the breakdown of the process and help address any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Construction: During this stage (the exciting part), construction will begin. You will have meetings to review the progress during this stage.
  • Project completion: You will meet with the project manager to confirm the construction is complete.
  • Follow-up meeting: Lastly, you will meet with the builder to discuss the completed renovations.