Our Landscaping Services

Outside Image provides landscaping and property maintenance services in Atlanta, Georgia and Nashville, TN. We offer a full range of commercial landscaping services to help improve outdoor environment. We have the passion for creating a man-made paradise within a highly commercialized area. Allow our team to take care of your next landscaping project and you’ll see why we are the trusted name in the industry.

Our landscaping service package includes the installation of irrigation systems, lighting, and garden accessories. We can also help with choosing the plants and the materials for your commercial garden. Our landscape artists know what it takes to design and build a beautiful garden. We have the resources to complete the project on time and as specified. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can provide you with expert advice on project planning, implementation, and cost analysis.

Our Portfolio

We’ve been part of many construction and development projects in Georgia. This experience helps us maintain a good reputation as a premier grounds maintenance companies in the state. We have designed and constructed gardens for different commercial facilities, including:

  • Corporate Offices
  • Parks
  • Schools
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Factories and Warehouses
  • Social Housing Projects
  • Shopping Center

Contact us to request a consultation with one of our landscape artists. We’ll provide you with a garden design after we conduct a thorough inspection of your property.

As one of the leading  landscaping companies in Georgia, Outside Image is committed to providing exceptional service to its clients. We offer commercial grounds maintenance to help preserve the beauty of your outdoor environment. We take care of everything, from landscape design and garden construction to lawn care and maintenance. Our goal is to protect your property’s image by keeping it’s exteriors attractive.

With our long experience in handling property maintenance projects, we can provide our service to customers in different industries or sectors, including:

  • Manufacturing and Retail
  • Corporate
  • Health care
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Education
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Service
  • Utilities
  • Real Estate
  • And others

We Care about Your Investments

A well-maintained lawn or garden helps make a good impression. It creates a relaxing and inviting environment for your employees and visitors. Let our team of landscape artists take care of your grounds maintenance needs. We specialize in cleaning, irrigation, and weed control. We also offer mowing services to keep your lawn beautiful.

At Outside Image, we can create a complete maintenance plan for your commercial grounds. Get in touch with us so we can schedule an inspection. This will allow us to identify the specific requirements of your grounds.

Contact us for inquiries about our landscape and landscape design services in Atlanta, Georgia and Nashville, Tennessee.