Fencing Contractors and Services

Our home remodeling services include building, fixing, installing and extending fencing around your home or property. A fence is a fantastic addition to your property and can increase both your enjoyment at home and your home’s value as well.

As you know, fences are perfect for:

  • Keeping pets around
  • Keeping little kids around
  • Adding value and looks to your property
  • Keeping pesky neighbors out!

No matter what you need a new fence for, the expert fence contractors at Outside Image can help you with your project.

Types of Fences We Build

Our fence builders are able to design and construct the following types of fencing:

  1. Aluminum fence: Relatively maintenance free and affordable
  2. Wood fence: Most popular with homeowners, provides great looks and security
  3. PVC material fence: Most economical way to fence your property
  4. Wrought Iron fence: Strong, beautiful but require upkeep
  5. Vinyl fence: costly, but up to 5x stronger than wood and easy to maintain
  6. Chain Link fence: Good for pets, school yards, parking lots and more. No privacy, but good function
  7. Electric fence: Security or invisible fencing mainly installed for containing pets
  8. Bamboo fence: Environmentally friendly and attractive
  9. Farm fence: extensive fencing perfect for livestock or farm sectioning