selecting flooring material for your bathroom remodeling project

Of all of the rooms in your home, the one room that is most able to provide you with a sense of luxury and comfort on a daily basis is your bathroom. This is because it’s the one room in your home, other than your bedroom, that you’re guaranteed to spend a significant amount of time in and that also has the very specific purpose of getting you clean and feeling good. So naturally, when it comes to remodeling your dream bathroom, it’s incredibly important to choose the right design elements so that your new bathroom can become the sanctuary that every homeowner deserves.

One of the most crucial decisions in any bathroom remodel is flooring. If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom, here the top things to consider when selecting flooring material for bathroom remodeling project:

Overall bathroom style

The first thing to consider when selecting flooring material for your bathroom remodeling project is what style you’re going for in your new bathroom design. Do you prefer a classic and traditional look, or is your aesthetic more along the lines of rustic, beachy, or modern? Or do you have some existing bathroom pieces that you’re looking to use that already lend themselves to a certain style? Knowing your preferred bathroom style will help narrow down your choices in bathroom flooring material from, say, something natural vs. synthetic, or smooth vs. textured, etc.


Another major factor to think about when choosing bathroom flooring material is your budget. If you’re on a strict budget, your best bet is more affordable flooring materials like vinyl or linoleum, and on the flip side, if money isn’t an object you can opt for more luxurious natural stone flooring materials like marble, slate, limestone and travertine. Fortunately, there are many types of flooring material at different price points and if you really can’t decide based on your budget, you can always go for ceramic tile, which is the most popular that’s typically priced somewhere in the middle.

Level of Maintenance

And finally, what many owners often don’t realize is that certain flooring materials require extra steps of maintenance to protect the quality of the flooring long-term. For instance, marble is one of the most beautiful flooring materials but it’s a softer stone and more delicate so in some applications it requires you to apply high-quality sealer on a regular basis and to avoid using strong cleaners. Porcelain tile is a much more practical option, as it’s much more durable and requires less maintenance. Keeping this in mind when choosing the flooring material for your bathroom remodeling project will save you a huge headache in the long run.

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