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5 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas To Transform Your Bathroom

While everyone has their own favorite part of the home, there is one room in the house that makes a great impact on your daily routine no matter what lifestyle you lead and that is your bathroom. And on a more practical level, your bathroom is also one of the most hugely influential elements on […]

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Drywall Repair: 3 Tips for Getting It Done Right!

When you own a house, there is always the possibility of something happening to your walls. You might have a teenager practice lacrosse in the house, and all of a sudden you are in need of drywall repair. When that happens, there are three things you want to consider in order to get the job […]

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3 Ways A Successful Home Remodel Can Increase Happiness

For every homeowner, regardless what the state of your home was when you purchased it, there is very likely a remodel project that you would love to get your hands on. Whether a certain space in your home is in actual structural disrepair, is not functional, or is just not your style, the only way […]

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It’s Concrete… But They Never Need To Know

Not too long ago if you had mentioned you had a concrete patio, you would get a sympathetic look as the person you were talking to imagined a boring gray slab, probably cracked, and definitely without any character or beauty at all. But those days are now gone, and at Outside Image we believe it’s […]

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For Atlanta home remodeling done correctly, call Outside Image


Of all the many problems that can plague home owners, not many can be as annoying as a room (or rooms) that have been put in the wrong place in the floor plan or one that is not properly sized to allow for comfortable function. This can down right get under your skin, especially if […]

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3 Reasons to Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Although you might have seen a lot of gorgeous outdoor kitchens in your favorite design magazines and on your favorite design blogs, you might have never thought about actually building one on your property. However, there are many reasons to hire an outdoor kitchen contractor in Nashville to help you build an outdoor kitchen. These […]

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Planning a Kitchen Remodel? 10 Must-Have Features For Your New Kitchen

You’ve dreamed about it for years, and now the time has finally come-you can begin planning a kitchen remodel! You have a million ideas for your new space and you can’t wait to get started-before you finalize your plans, check out these ten must-have features for your new kitchen:

1. Glass tiles. Glass tiles create a […]

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Simple (and Inexpensive) Tips for Increasing the Value of Your Home


Are you looking for simple quick fixes that will immediately increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars? Try these simple fixes. Some of them may require a little sweat and hard work, but they’re worth it.

Paint Everything

A fresh coat of paint in every room of your house will give it an instant […]

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Returning The Most Value with Home Remodeling in Atlanta


If you plan on living in your home for decades, then you’re free to remodel it to your specific tastes. You’ll not only get maximum enjoyment out of your addition, but also, given the long period, pay for any changes with the appreciation of the home. However, if you intend on selling your property within […]

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This Could Affect Your Home or Business. Contact Georgia Remodeling

Have you really paid close attention to how your home or place of business looks or more importantly, functions? External cosmetics are really vital when it comes to trying to sell a piece of real estate and believe me, we can improve the way your home, building or property appears for you too, but things […]

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