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Be Confident When Selecting a Countertop for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Remodeling your kitchen comes with so many possibilities, ranging from small improvements like changing the hardware to major ones like replacing the appliances or installing a new countertop. If you have decided that changing the countertop is something you want to do, you should analyze your options to make sure you are satisfied with the […]

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The Importance of Remodeling the Exterior of Your House

When we hear the term ‘remodel,’ we typically think of the inside of the house. What are some of the advantages of remodeling the exterior of a house?
Property Value
The aesthetic and functional improvements of an exterior remodel will add monetary value to your investment. This type of remodeling has an additional advantage of creating a first […]

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Getting Your Remodeling Done Will Leave You Feeling Happy In Your Home

It is important that you are always feeling happy in your home. And one thing that is sure to make you happy is to have enough room to comfortably have guests over. But your place might have an awkward layout that does not allow for you to entertain easily. And if so, then you should do something […]

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Safety first – bathroom remodeling for aging homeowners


Life happens. As we age our mobility decreases, accessibility becomes an issue and safety needs take on high priority status. “Aging in place” has become the anthem of the generation of baby boomers who desire to remain in their homes for as long as possible.

A bathroom designed to accommodate the changing needs of the senior […]

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Kitchen Remodeling Tips: Installing New Appliances to Make Your Kitchen New Again

A functional kitchen can include old appliances, but this does not mean that they make for the most enjoyable experience in the kitchen. For families that love to cook and eat together, the kitchen naturally becomes one of the most important room in the entire house. While the living room might be the traditional place […]

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The Top 5 Inexpensive Luxuries For Your New Bathroom

So you’ve just remodeled your bathroom. It’s now your favorite room in the house. People question your disappearance for hours at a time, only to find you standing in awe of the beautifully transformed bathroom. However, you spent every penny of your budget and there are still a few things you want to take care […]

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3 Ways That A Remodel Will Leave You Feeling Happy In Your Home


It is always good to feel happy with your home, but you might not feel that way often if your place doesn’t look as good as you want it. You might feel that there are some changes that could be made to make your home better, and if so, then you should have them made. Feeling happy […]

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Sun Room Additions For Your Home


You love your house. You love your neighborhood. You don’t want to move, but you do want more from your house. Why not add a sun room?

A sun room uses passive solar building design techniques, so it will actually lower your heating bill. A sun room creates an oasis of beauty, so it increases the […]

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When Should You Use a Mason?

Many homeowners choose brick and stone masonry because of its low upkeep. But, just as any other type of construction work, sometimes there can be problems with the masonry work. If you’re wondering when to use a mason, here are some common signs suggesting masonry repair is needed.
What is a Mason?
Masons are professionals who use […]

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Finding a Nashville General Contractor You Can Trust

When it comes to remodeling, renovating, or creating new spaces in your home, the most important step is finding a reliable general contractor. And with Outside Image, you will get general contractors in Nashville that do excellent work. Finding general contractors who you can trust is crucial in the successful completion of your home improvement […]

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